The Story of SpiceMamma

My love of spices came from my mother. My SpiceMamma. 

Growing up in the UK, our kitchen cupboards were always full of exotic, multicoloured powders and aromatic foodstuffs. Hoarded and sourced from trips back to our ancestral home of Sri Lanka and the house of my grandmother. Where other people packed souvenirs, my mother packed spices. Spices blended for her by my grandmother. Her SpiceMamma.

My childhood is full of the memory of so many trips made to Tangalle Spice market helping my grandmother collect together the ingredients for her spice mixes. When we returned home, we would wash our spices, lay them out to dry in the sun for a few days then mix and grind them before placing them in little bottles for my mother to bring back to the UK.

When I left home for university, my mother did the same for me (although she dried her spices in the oven, rather than relying on the UK weather…). She gave me her jars of blended spices and I used them to cook, knowing that the secret mix, passed down with love from one generation to another, guaranteed that special taste that only comes from a mother’s cooking.

Now a mother of three myself, living in Copenhagen, I wanted to bring that feeling, expertise and authenticity to everyone who also wants to cook and enjoy great tasting fresh curries.

All the spices I use in my kits are organic wherever possible and sourced ethically from fair-trade suppliers. They are freshly roasted whole in small batches and hand ground to ensure the aroma and flavour are at the best they possibly can be, for when you come to use them in your cooking.

Travel, Cooking, Curry and Spices are my passion, and I would love to share them with you through my curry kits.
I hope that you enjoy the journey!


 With my mother and my daughter Fillippa. Tangalle spice market . Sri Lanka 2014.    

With my mother and my daughter Fillippa. Tangalle spice market . Sri Lanka 2014.